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B.S.A. is a work-shop operating on sectors of high-precision production as turning, boring, milling and grinding. The company began and developed in the sixties in order to produce hardened and grinded shafts for linear guidance systems. Afterwards it achieved such a high specialization degree allowing new developments for entering new markets, all this taking advantage of the long experience in heat treatments of the consociate TERMOSTAHL. Then B.S.A. specialized in manufacturing and supplying of hardened and grinded cylindrical geometry components, both for Italian and international market. B.S.A. is using steels selected to the experience acquired in different fields by machines builders and end-users and kept up-to-date according to the new market trends, in order to warrant a constant improvement of the production. Success point and constant development factors in manufacturing activity are flexibility in production and vertical integration of:
  • raw materials available from store
  • mechanical workings
  • induction heating treatments
  • grindings and polishing on customers' drawings
All this assures the finished product quality of workings in every production steps and continuity of supply in the time.